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31 & 31T Trimmer Shampoos

The Trimmer Shampoo is classic Jeffco.

The original Trimmer, on the left, accommodates Jeffco Bowl, a behind-the-bowl laminated bottle well, and a soiled-towel grommet w/ access door on right. It measures 25"W x 21 3/4"D x 36"H.

The Tall Trimmer, shown in black on the right, adds a back splash & upper clean-towel storage cabinet w/ two hinged doors. Tall unit is 25"W x 21 3/4"D x 73"H.

Both Trimmers are made to fit either the 8300, 8400, or 8900 bowls which are included. Vacuum breaker ordered separately.

Choose a Standard Color: Black, White, Fusion Maple, Wild Cherry, or Cocoa Maple. Or, special-order a Custom Color.

Item# Description MSRP Salon Price*
31 Trimmer Shampoo Station $1701.00 $1133.95
31T Tall Trimmer Shampoo Station $2187.00 $1457.94

* Salon Price is the price typically charged by Jeffco distributors but does NOT include shipping.