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J07 Java Vanity

Java Styling Vanity w/ the Java Wall-Mounted Mirror & Ledge.

Java Vanity features full-extension drawer, storage cabinet w/ adjustable shelf, convenient angled tool panel w/ holders for blow dryer, two curling irons. Electric by customer.

15"W x 15"D x 39"H.

Includes J05 Java Wall-Mounted Mirror & Ledge, 28"W x 52"H.

Choose a Standard Color: Black, White, Fusion Maple, Wild Cherry, or Cocoa Maple. Or, special-order a Custom Color.

Item# Description MSRP Salon Price*
J07 J07 Java Styling Vanity $918.00 $611.98
J05 J05 Java Wall-Mounted Mirror & Ledge $383.40 $255.59

* Salon Price is the price typically charged by Jeffco distributors but does NOT include shipping.